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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cleaning My Stove Without Toxic Fumes!

Here are some photos of my stovetop before using my non-toxic cleaners. My stove was really dirty and I made sure not to clean my stove for a few days so you can see exactly how well these cleaners work! I used the Basic H2 Degreaser spray and the Scour Off
all-natural scouring paste (my favorite product!) For other posts about Scour Off, click here. Here's how it turned out!



Can you believe that it took barely any scrubbing at all! The Scour Off is the most amazing product and it's made from cherry pits so it even smells delicious! I just love these products so much, can you tell?! For more information on Scour Off, check out my
Shaklee Website.


  1. Oh my goodness, Rachel! I am impressed. How do I go about ordering this stuff?? I am really needing something to clean the inside of the stove too. Let me know!! :o)

  2. Laura, this stuff is the absolute best and it's money back guaranteed! You can order through my website, There is a $7.49 shipping cost through UPS so you might want to look at the other products to get your money worth for the shipping. The Basic H2 with the 3 spray bottles is a must have, it's equal to over 5,000 bottles of windex and this alone replaces your degreasers, mirror and window cleaner, all purpose like 409, this is good for everything! The Germ Off wipes or Basic G is perfect for disinfecting.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I know you'll love the products so much!