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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Online Schedule Organizer for Busy Families

I found a great website for organizing your schedule and family activites, as well as your to-list, shopping list, and family journal, all in one place! Did I mention it's free?! Wow, what a time saver and I love that it allows me to focus on all my thoughts and appointments, not to mention my chaotic day, at the same time and in one place! That deserves a big Eco-licous Mama thumbs up!

Quick appointment reminders, calendar reminders and updates sent via email or text messages.  Keeps everyone in the loop and on time.
So a wonderful friend saw my recent post about Organizing Your Life and Mind, and she shared a website with me. teamed up with Cozi Central to create a fabulous and user-friendly online calendar, to-do list, and grocery list. Appointment reminders and your to do list can be emailed or texted right to your phone! As long as it's set up in Cozi, you won't ever forget anything again, lol!

To set up your own online organizer, CLICK HERE. You have to check it out!

Here's what Cozi says about organizing your time:
Free online grocery list, shopping list and more. Create custom lists and access them from anywhere. Cozi makes managing day-to-day activities easier with a shared online calendar, grocery shopping lists, and to do lists the whole family can access. Schedules are communicated, activities are coordinated, groceries get bought and to do lists get checked off—leaving you time to spend on things you really want to do. Get organized with Cozi, it's specially designed for busy lives just like yours.

The website, which helps you organize your cleaning schedule and has tips on decluttering. It has some good tips and schedules but the website itself was a little chaotic in my opinion. The highlight for me was the link to Cozi Central. I'm so excited this goes along perfectly with my Organizing Your LIfe and Mind series! Are you organizing along with me??

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