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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some of the Most Dangerous and Hazardous Cleaners in Your Home

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaners - These are harmful to health by simply breathing them during use.
2. Oven Cleaners - This can cause severe damage to the eyes, skin, mouth, and throat
3. Drain Cleaners - One of the most hazardous products in the home. Can cause severe corrosive damage to eyes, skin, mouth and stomach and can be fatal if swallowed.
4. Chlorine - The most common chemical involved in household poisonings in the U.S. It may cause reproductive, endocrine, and immune system disorders.
5. Carpet Cleaners - Extremely toxic to children and can cause cancer and liver damage.
6. Degreasers - May contain petroleum distillates and butyl cellosolve, which can damage lung tissues.

It is important to remember that you are not only exposed to these chemicals when using them, but they emit gasses and fumes into the air even when they are not in use. When I was pregnant, my doctor advised me to not only discontinue use of all cleaners while I was pregnant, but to remove them from my home completely!

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