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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Take the Eco-licious Mama 'Get Clean Challenge'
in Your Own Home!

Live in Orange County? We'll come to you and show you how well these cleaning products work and how safe they are! We'll make sure to bring the customer favorites like Basic H2 and Scour Off so, together, we can test them on your dirtiest mess!
Contact me to set up a time!

Want to take the challenge and get a free gift? Have three friends with you when we come visit and you'll get a Chemical-Free Starter Pack for free! That's a 16 oz. Basic H2, 3 spray bottles and a sample of Scour Off. You're friends will even get a free sample of the Basic H2!

If you don't live in Orange County, don't worry, we'll be having a giveaway with lots of samples soon!

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