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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Basic H2 - May just be the best, safest, and cheapest cleaner ever!

Love My Basic H2!
It's a money and time saver, health must, and incredibly powerful cleaner!

I cannot talk about cleaning products without raving about Basic H2! I really don't understand why everyone doesn't have a bottle of this in their home. It is extremely powerful, incredibly safe, has more than 1,000 uses, and one bottle will last you years!

Let me tell you about the best part: It's super concentrated, and when I mean super, I mean one 16 oz. bottle is equal to over 5,800 bottles of windex!! This bottles makes 48 gallons of all-purpose cleaner. Astonishing, I know! I've had mine a year and a half and I've used up maybe 1/12th of the bottle.        

I'm all about saving money, so let me break it down:

Window and Mirror Cleaner - Costs less than 1 cent per 16 oz. spray bottle
All-purpose Cleaner - Costs less than 3 cents per 16 oz. spray bottle
Degreaser - Costs less than 17 cents per 16 oz. spray bottle

To get the same amount of clean as one bottle of Basic H2®, you'd have to spend:
  • Nearly $480 for the equivalent amount of all-purpose cleaner
  • $13,500 for the equivalent amount of window cleaner
  • $128 for the equivalent amount of degreaser

I love that this is a streak-free, no-rinse, no-residue formula. I can go from room-to-room and wipe down everything with only two bottles! Let me tell you how much time it saves being able to use one product on everything and not worrying about my daughter inhaling fumes because she's standing right next to me. From mirrors and windows, wood, countertops, appliances, walls, etc. this will clean it all and with little effort on your part. This is absolutely the best mirror and window cleaner out there! It's the craziest thing to spray cleaner that has no smell or weird residue.. it's honestly like you're spraying water but it cleans great!

Here are a few uses!  Contact me for exact instructions and dilution:

1. Fruit and Veggie Wash - Put your fruits or veggies in a bowl with 2-3 drops of Basic H2 and warm water and let them soak for a few minutes. Come back and you'll see all the dirt in the bottom of the bowl! Sometimes i'll even use my all-purpose cleaner and spray my veggies, scrub and rinse!
2. Use it to clean your car, no need to dry your car off, it's streak free!
3. Removes wallpaper easily
4. Removes gum from anything
5. Natural Insect Repellant and helps your plants and flowers flourish
6. Removes crayon and permanent marker
7. Keeps your knives sharp, add a couple drops when sharpening your knives
8. Great for cleaning your coffee maker, removes build-up
9. Mix a couple drops of this with Scour-Off Paste and it makes a Super Scouring Paste! I know, like the Scour Off isn't enough on it's own! :)

I'd love to hear about your favorite uses of Basic H2!
Post a comment and share your tips with us!

Check out more info on Shaklee's Basic H2 at my website:

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