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Friday, February 4, 2011

Small Steps To A More Organized Life!

Organize Now!: A Week-By-Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life! [Book]

Organizing My Life and Mind in 56 Weeks!
Is that really possible?
I found a really great book recommendation from Bonnie over at House of Grace. She is going through the book "Organize Now" by Jennifer Ford Berry. There are so many blogs that I follow that have so many great ideas, but like most of us moms, I have very little time to read and browse the internet, let alone act on any of these fabulous ideas I find right?! I am all about organization when it comes to closets and files, but organizing my life and schedule, well... did I mention I work full-time and have a 18 month old, lol! Just wanted to throw that out there so it gives me a little excuse if it takes me awhile to pull off this whole organizing my life thing! :)

Weeks 1-4 are focused on:   Organizing Yourself
Week One - Organize Your Mind and Life Vision
This Week's Goals:
1. Write out your vision for your life.
        Ask yourself these questions:
            What would your days look like?
            What would you do for for
            What would you do less and more of?

2. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night and readjust your schedule if necessary.

3. Start your day by writing down a short, yes I said short :), To Do list of everything you want or need to do today. (see ideas below)

4. Start a journal. Even if you don't write in it everyday, use it for recording special thoughts, days or memories.

5. Limit TV. This simple act will benefit the entire family.

6. Schedule a two-minute break 2-3 times a day to spend alone and do nothing.

7. Practice meditating/prayer.

8. Schedule time to exercise. Even if it is just running around with the kids or going on a walk. I will commit to 20 minutes at least 4 times a week! Did I really just commit to that, lol?!

9. Schedule more "me time". Turn off your phone and computer and have fun! Do something you love!

10. Eliminate things in life that drain your energy: clutter, unhealthy relationships, unfinish projects, unnecessary tasks on your To Do list.

11. Take control of your time. Set goals and then break them down into daily To Do's. When your goals are clean, you can control your time better and make room for your priorities.

Wow, that seems like a lot, I know!! Well, we have one week to start setting new patterns in our lives.

Next Week's Goal: Organize Your Priorities! Start looking for a daily planner that you will find useful in organizing your schedule and time.

I'd love to hear how you incorporated these goals, of organizing your mind, into your life this week! Please share with us! We all need helpful ideas with this!

Check out these cute and FREE downloadable to-do lists! Thank you Vale Design, Fresh Picked Whimsy and Simple Mom!


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