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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oops!! Orange Sharpie on the Antique Table!

My two year old thought that Orange Sharpie Permanent Marker would be a great addition to Grandma's green antique sewing machine table! And my daughter went marker crazy on that poor old table! It's a good thing Grandma has Shaklee products in the house or else I would have been in trouble along with my daughter!

I used a few drops of Basic H2 full strength and added about a dime size amount of Scour Off with a sponge and off came the marker and the green antique table never looked better!!


  1. Glad you saved that beautiful antique table. I love antique pieces, the design and look is very unique and timeless.

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  2. Good thing you were able to save the antique table. You could also repaint it so it would look new. I, too have this problem with the kids. They always think that everything is a blank paper that they could write in! shoji screen

  3. I agree with Melissa, kids are just too creative that they even draw on our furniture. We must always have our cleaning materials ready when this happens. restaurant furniture