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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mighty 'Scour Off' Anything!

So many people have raved about Shaklee's Scour Off Paste and I thought I would put it to the ultimate test today while my daughter took her nap. In a year, I haven't really used it too much because my all-purpose cleaner and a good sponge seemed to work just fine. However, I love to use it on the shower fixtures, it's the only thing that gets the water spots off... really! It's fabulous for the kitchen sink also, it will be spotless, gleaming and removes any rust! It is made out of cherry pits... yep, smell it, it smells delicious!

When I was pregnant and before I knew about these wonderful non-toxic products, I made my husband do the cleaning... well, if you call it cleaning. It was more like wipe things down a little. So after 9 months of his so-called cleaning, nothing would take off the built on water spots, including every chemical cleaner I could find. Until I found this product! 

So my shower faucet was sooo bad and we have hard water so it builds up fast. It has been about two weeks since it had a really good clean... yes, I know, disgusting! I really have been super busy, promise! But I am glad I waited, check out these pictures! Scour Off, let's see what you can do!




Sorry, this one is hard to see, but there has been rust on the showerhead since we moved in but I could not find anything to get it off, so I finally just left it. Until today.


Shiny and clean, except the caulking which we will redo now that the showerhead is clean! Finally! :)

Scour Off is perfect for any impossible job! I even used it to remove stains in concrete! It's perfect for your oven, bathroom, kitchen, on rust, anything! Shaklee suggests not to use it on mirror-like fixtures but honestly, when I couldn't get the water marks off, I gave it a whirl and i'm glad I did! Check out the details of the product below:


  1. Love this stuff!!! I need to buy more in Nov. because I am sure it will be gone. I have good pictures from my oven, I want to post them on my blog. So glad I bought it!

  2. Thanks Monica! After hearing your story about the shower, it inspired me to try it on everything. I used it on the stove tonight... Amazing! :) It took off the marks right beside the burners that I could never get off. My stove has never looked this good! I made Ryan look at as soon as he got home! I was so excited!